Hello everyone. Nice to meet you. We are Midori (あらためまして、はじめまして、ミドリです。) is the second full-length album released by japanese Jazz-Punk fusion band, Midori (ミドリ). This album collides classic jazz and rock instruments together with a traditional punk ethos and style, that brings this album closer to the realm of Noise or Noise Rock, with singing from the female vocalist consisting of a very feminine, almost child-like voice, interspersed with wild screaming and shouting, over a cacophonous medley of instruments in the background.

Track ListingEdit

  1. スキ - 0:44
  2. ゆきこさん - 3:08
  3. かなしい日々。 - 2:38
  4. お猿 - 2:09
  5. 根性無しあたし、あほぼけかす - 1:39
  6. ちはるの恋 - 3:29
  7. ひみつの2人v - 3:27
  8. 5拍子 - 4:38
  9. ハウリング地獄 - 3:33
  10. 無欲の無力 - 5:43

ミドリ Releases

<<< セカンド (2007) | あらためまして、はじめまして、ミドリです。 | Shinsekai (2010)  >>>

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