Cover for the American Football self-titled

American Football is the debut self-titled album by the band American Football, released in 1999. American Football was the only album released by the band, but was preceded by their self-titled EP in 1998. This album is regarded as a classic in the Emo genre and shows strong influences of Math Rock as well.

Track ListEdit

  1. Never Meant - 4:28
  2. The Summer Ends - 4:46
  3. Honestly? - 6:10
  4. For Sure - 3:16
  5. You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon - 3:43
  6. But the Regrets Are Killing Me - 3:54
  7. I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional - 3:42
  8. Stay Home - 8:10
  9. The One With the Wurlitzer - 2:43

American Football Releases

<<< American Football (EP) (1998) | American Football (Album)

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