women are a meme

do not take them seriously you dumbass

she read that like she was in a mean girl film or something

some tumblr core film probably told her the Beatles are "good"


I am genuinely in love with Anne Frank. She was beautiful, witty, and graceful young woman who light was snuffed out far too early.

I frequently fantasize about being Peter van Pels hiding with her.

Oh god, just imagine deflowering that sweet girl on a lazy Amsterdam afternoon, lying and learn what each other's bodies were for.

Now imagine nine months later, she's got a massive bulging stomach from carrying your child inside of her and it seems like she’s gonna pop any moment now. Her popped belly button makes it look like she's got a giant third boob where her stomach once was. She waddles around and can barely move half of the time. She's developed an insatiable craving for your dick and you've likewise developed a taste for her pussy. You’re both cooped up in an attic all day have nothing better to do besides fuck like an unsustainable third world population. You lie down on your back, she strips off her almost comically too small clothes and kneels on top of you. She grabs a hold of your rock hard cock, inserts it deep inside of her, and begins to ride you like a stallion. You feel the pressure from her incredible weight and huge round belly bearing down on you but the indescribable pleasure of her tight pussy throbbing on you cock negates any discomfort. You sink into her beautiful soul, into that secret place where no one dares to go. After 30 minutes, you and her are both moaning with ever greater intensity, you know it won't be long now. Suddenly, you feel your cock shaking like a V-2 rocket and the orgasm reaches it's climax as your cum literally explodes like an 88mm AT round inside her Sherman tank, blowing the turret right off. You and her both join as one, souls screaming from the sheer ecstasy. As the elation wears off, she lies next to you. Too exhausted to do anything else, you simply hold her in your embrace. In that moment, there is no family squabbles, no Nazis, no war. Just you and her, watching the sky turn pink with the setting sun.

You dream of the beautiful face you have found in this place. So soft and sweet.

One day you will both die and your ashes will fly from an aeroplane over the sea. But for now you are young and all you want is lay in the sun, and count every beautiful thing you can see. Love to be in the arms of all you’re keeping here with you.

What a beautiful dream that could flash on the screen in a blink of an eye.

Suddenly, you awaken from your slumber to the sound of a bloodcurdling scream. You open your eyes to darkness, it takes a split second for your vision to readjust. You feel lonely and cold. Another shriek knocks you back into reality. Anne sitting next to you, clutching her belly, face contorted from pain. A foul smelling fluid lies pooled on the floor around her mid-section. Your hot dirty fuckfest has brought on labor. she cries your name, begging for help, begging for you. The noise. She’s louder than a line of Louisiana Tigers giving the Rebel Yell right now. You raise your finger to your lips to tell her to be quiet. But the agony is too much for her to bear. You’ve got to do something or else it will awaken the entire neighborhood and with it, the Nazis. Suddenly you remember the bulge in your pants. You’ve got morning wood. It’s not the best gag, but it will have to do. You stand up, squat like a slav, using her belly as an impromptu stool, grab your still cum-crusted cock, and shove it right inside her mouth. At first, she tries to scream even louder in surprise, but your circumcised 100% Kosher dong blocks her windpipe, reducing her screams to a barely audible gurgle. Suffering from unbearable pain, she bites down on her your meat with each contraction. Now you’e in pain too. With each contraction, she bites down harder, it feels like she’s gonna tear your cock right off. Eventually, the pain subsides for her and she doesn’t bite down as much. Now it seems almost as if she’s starting to enjoy it. You can feel your child kick on your testicles. Clearly it’s excited too. Suddenly, your cock starts to shake like a V-2 again, you pull it out of her mouth just in time. You bust your steaming hot and sticky load, blanketing her like an incendiary carpetbombing of Dresden. Semen stains her mountaintops (all three of them), along with her hair and most of her face. She quietly giggles from the ironic amusement of it all. You giggle too.

Then a look of sharp pain shoot across her face. She’s having your baby. You wish you could bear all the pain for her, but all you can do is sit and watch. You look down at her vulva, still oozing with cum from that great fucking you gave her a few hours ago. You can see a head of black hair poking out. You fear that she’s gonna start screaming again, much to your relief, it seems that she’s gotten better control of the pain, thanks to you. She begins to softly moan, it seems as if instead of experiencing excruciating agony, she’s experiencing an orgasm. You can’t help but grin as she keeps pushing. As more of the head becomes visible, her moaning intensifies. Finally a small head emerges from her vagina. You can see a face wrapped in an umbilical cord. A small pair of hands grab the head, she weakly tries to pull the head out. You put your hands around the head and begin to help her pull. Desperately, she goes into the next contraction with all of her energy, and pushed with everything inside of her. She feels everything. She feels shoulders and hips and feet all slide down inside of her and pop out in one long push, with a rush of fluid behind it, and it feels amazing. She throws her head back with a rip-roaring orgasm that penetrates the very heart of her soul.

You look at the newborn now lying on the floor and see that it is a boy. You have a son. Perfect, perfect in every way. He begins to stir and you realize he’s about to cry. After all that’s happened, you don’t to given away to the Germans from the wails of a newborn. You gently lift him up and place him on Anne’s semen stained mountaintops. The baby quickly finds the breast is soon sucking happily. Semen, blood, amniotic fluid, breastmilk all mix and fill the air with a strange scent that while repulsive, is also extremely arousing. You can’t resist the urge anymore. Your mouth land on top of Anne’s opposite breast, sucking first your own cum, but then her tasty milk. You look into her eyes, she’s somewhat annoyed, but too exhaust to really care. A gust of wind coming from a hole in the wall blows through, cooling both of your sweat-drenched bodies, but also disturbing the little one. You’re afraid he’ll start shivering. You look around the dusty attic for something to keep the baby warm. You settle on Anne’s fur winter jacket, having sat unused for the past two years. You know Anne will definitely not be happy that you ruined her favorite coat, but it’s for the best. She hasn’t been able to fit in it for the past nine months anyway. You carefully wrap your little one in the coat and hand him to an exhausted Anne, she continues to quietly feed him. You notice the dead silence for the first time, not even the other occupants of the Annex, mere feet away in the next room, were roused. You feel a sense of relief. You’re safe, for the moment at least. Eventually you curl up next to her quietly and begin to doze off. Your secret sleeps in winter clothes. Tomorrow, you can find a way to explain the night’s events to your parents and hope they don’t kill each other. You can somehow find a way to get your little bundle of joy to safety. But tonight, you just rest, your first night as a family.

Oh god, just thinking about this is making me rock hard. The hardest I’ve ever gotten. Oh, I think I’m gonna… I’m gonna-

*Cums in Diary*


Girls can’t into Death Grips. For the most part they listen to them because it’s a fashion statement. They think “lol so weird”. Women need constant validation from others so they seek out sub-cultures to be apart of.

What they don’t realize is that Death Grips is about masculinity and male dominance. Women are too fucking stupid to even pay attention to lyrics

“death fuck lets fuck, just don't touch me just fuck fuck me” Women are nothing but a sack of flesh with pleasure holes for sole purpose of pleasuring Ride.

“Soon all that's left of you Is your most primal desires” Primal desires meaning the true libertine lusts that reside in the male. A good majority of the song talks about fucking drugged out, unaware sluts and whores.

That’s only a few examples of their lyrics that show a common theme of male superiority. And for Christ sake all of the members of Death Grips are males, just imagine being around that testosterone. Then there’s that video of Ride pushing that dancing whore off the stage. Sure he probably pushes anybody off stage, but most frontmen wouldn’t push a female.


It was a day like any other. Anthony Fantano, the Internet’s busiest music nerd, was hard at work listening to music that he was to review. It was sunny, and slightly humid, so he had left his shirt off for the day. His girlfriend was dealing with an emergency at work. But all of a sudden, Anthony heard a knock at his door. His muscles rippled as he got up from his desk chair. He slowly walked to the door… He saw a dark silhouette through the window. “I wonder who that could be…?” Anthony wondered. He slowly opened the door. And, to his great surprise, his biggest idol was standing before him… MC Ride. Or as his friends call him, Stefan. MC Ride peeked in the doorway, and said, “H-hey… um I don’t know if you know me… b-but I’m in a band and our van broke down about a half mile back… I w-was hoping you had some tools laying around…” Now, although Anthony had always loved Death Grips and their music, he tried to play it cool. After all, he kind of had a crush on Stefan ever since he heard his voice on Beware. Luckily, Anthony had a big shed in his back yard full of his dad’s old mechanic tools. Anthony smiled, and replied, “Sure… I recognize you. What band again? Deaf grapes or something?” “N-no… Death Grips…” answered MC Ride. Anthony laughed. “ha-ha, that’s right! just come on in! I could definitely give you a tool to use…” He led MC Ride to his back yard. On the way, He could feel Ride’s gaze on him. He wondered if he liked what he saw. He opened the door to the shed, and Ride quickly shuffled in to grab what he needed. “He’s even cuter in real life…” Thought Anthony. On the way back, Anthony hastily offered Ride a beer. “Hey man, want to have a beer? You seem like a cool dude.” “Well… Zach and Andy are waiting for me… but I guess a quick beer wouldn’t hurt I guess.” Mumbled Ride. At first, they sat awkwardly in Fantano’s living room. But then they started talking about Death Grips and other music. They were soon off on a riveting conversation. After a while, Anthony said; “hey… I haven’t really been honest with you Stefan… Can I call you that? To tell the truth, I know a lot about Death Grips. I’m pretty much your biggest fan.” “Ha-ha… Yes I know… and I have to confess something too. I watch almost all of your video reviews. Y-you could say that I’m your biggest fan.” Anthony then did something very risky. He laid his hand on Stefan’s leg, right above the knee. Their eyes met, and the next thing Anthony knew, their lips were locked and they were lying on the couch together. “Can Andy and Zach wait?” asked Anthony. Ride’s response was to continue kissing him. They made out like this for a few minutes, and then Ride started slowly moving down to Anthony’s private area, kissing his beautiful chest on the way down. “Please” whispered Anthony. MC Ride slowly unbuttoned Anthony’s black shorts. Anthony’s rock hard penis sprang up, and MC Ride started sucking it off. It was the best blowjob of Anthony’s life. Far better than any blowjob his girlfriend had ever given him. The way Stefan’s tongue moved… it was amazing. “Ohhhh Stefan… I think I want you to do the nasty in my taxi!” yelled Anthony. “I AM THE BEAST YOU WORSHIP” replied MC Ride as he took Anthony’s cock out of his mouth. Anthony bent over on the couch, and got on his knees. Ride undid his all-black jeans, and revealed his lengthy penis. He started to put his throbbing penis into Anthony’s butt, when all of a sudden, “IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES YUUHHHH!!!!!” “Oh my God!!” screamed Anthony. “You get-get-get-get got-got-got-got it in!” MC Ride wasn’t a tender lover. He pumped and pumped until finally, in euphoria, he came inside of Anthony’s butt. He withdrew, exhausted, and laid down next to Anthony, who had reached orgasm as well. “H-how was it?” Asked Stefan. “you’re good…” Whispered Anthony. “I liked your lovemaking. I would give you a strong six, light seven.”


The fact that so many books still name the Beatles "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success: the Beatles sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worth of being saved.

Holy shit you're such a fucking dumbass, you know that? You are the bottom of the Earth. The people nobody wants to talk to. You spend so much time listening to shitty music yet you think it's good. You spend your time obsessing about people and posting them on the internet to look cool yet in reality if people in real life saw that what would they think? They think you were a loser, you fucking loser. You aren't interested in starting a discussion with me? It's probably because you don't even know how. I'm not retarded, I'm telling the truth. Know what you're doing before you do it. The way you're acting now is so childish I can't even begin to explain. Listen to a mature record that isn't a totally exaggerated mess of emotions and poor musical merit. Which is what you listen to now. How about some avant-garde jazz? Try A Love Supreme, it's pretty entry level. You probably won't get it though because you're a worthless sack of shit. You will never amount to anything in life. Go outside, take a walk, don't think about your edgy so deep music for once. Once you've done that, come back and try to look at what you're doing right now. Maybe after a few times you'll see that you're a complete child and need to improve. Or maybe you have a serious mental issue. Maybe Autism? I'm guessing that's it. Seek a doctor or therapy to help that out. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you're just a close minded retard with no understanding of anything at all.

Don't even try to bring this argument anywhere else. I won't respond, or I'll think of something to get you mad since you're easily made upset. This discussion is over, sorry loser.

haha, how can autism be used as an insult? Only an ignorant cunt would use autism as an insult. (And there's nothing I hate more than ignorance)

Autism is a gift in my case, I have an IQ of over 150 which makes me technically a genius thanks to my autism. I've been going through school all my life being bored out of my fucking brains getting at least 95% on all my tests (and all the incorrect answers were silly mistakes) because I'm just too fucking smart for school I can't wait for everyone else to learn something I already knew within the first day or too of being taught it. Every year I scored the best of my year on these stupid multiple choice tests we do and the headmaster came to my class to tell me that, which obviously resulted in being called a 'nerd' which is true but I shouldn't be ridiculed for it.

I recently became home educated so I could learn at my own pace and I'm getting my GCSEs done in 1/4 of the time everyone else has to do it in, I'm also doing more than double the average amount of GCSEs that usually would be done.

I used to get paid $30 an hour working online, which is more than the teaching assistants at my old school earned, it was so fun pointing that out to them.

So, in conclusion, calling someone autistic is not an insult, in my case, it makes me highly gifted.

One more thing, I don't know if this has anything to do with my autism but I am a sociopath so I'm not hindered by irrational emotions like guilt, compassion, empathy etc.

haha, the most satisfying this is to know that you will all see this as a waste of a natural gift that I am undeserving hahaha, that brings me great satisfaction.

I'm practically perfect, let the jealousy flow through you.

I've got 3 terabytes of 60's pre-ambient

800 gigs of live recordings of this local band called the fuckerfucks. They played only 2 shows before breaking up but I had 11 redundant recording rigs all recording flac which I then layered over one another for 25,000 kbps bitrate.

8 terabytes of the beatles. No not THOSE beatles, the new beatles. They haven't recorded an album yet and technically they're not really a band yet but they're indie-gospel-post-funk-punk style is going to be huge when you guys hear their stuff in about 5 years.

4 petabytes of the Ethiopian Free Jazz wave that occurred in 1973 in a town called Wenji Gefersi.

18 terabytes of sound check recordings from the mid 90's band LFO. They only scored a hit with "I like girls (who wear abercrombie and fitch)" but they were way ahead of their time.

That's just my C: drive. I have 41 drives.

/mu/ is a place for egotistical pretentious hipsters to gather around and throw around memes of NMH's "Aeroplane Over the Sea" album cover and pretend that they don't love the "plebian" music that once used to be "so undergroud" or "so lo-fi" or "so raw".

That's the fucking problem with this place. It attempts to classify ever single possible genre in which a band or piece of music could be classified into, then proceeds to create stigmas based on these types of music.

Now I'm not one to say that I enjoy mainstream music either. It's contrived and mindless and should not be considered art by any means, but this shit's gotten fucking ridiculous, /mu/.

While all of you fawn over the "underground" culture that has been constructed by the interwebs, what you're really doing is taking all the music that is held so hallowed and "primo" and perpetuating it into an endless cycle.

1). The music (let's say Death Grips for example) is taken and perpetuated on /mu/ for being "raw" and "innovative" and "engaging".

2) Then pretentious hipster fucks like Anthony Fantano (that knows absolutely nothing about musical composition or what it means to be a musician) make a video review of the music; Thereby either upholding it as musical "genius" or shit.

3). The cyclical hipster wheel then comes full circle back to /mu/ where it is shared further and fawned over some more.

Eventually, the music you once fawned over becomes popular because of the permeating nature of online media, and what do you do? You stop listening to it because it becomes part of "the mainstream".

Essentially, fuck you /mu/. You're a paradoxical message board that defeats itself with every post.

Well I've done it /mu/. You've broken me. I just spent the last half hour listening to a nigger yell in my ear behind some shit lo-fi synths WITHOUT any explanation. Do you understand /mu/? That means I've lost. That means that ignorance and meme spamming and shitposting nonsense has finally lead me down the oily path straight into the oven. You've set me ablaze /mu/. I'm on fire.

Wow. Just wow. Never in my life have I heard anything so fucking pretentious and useless to the whole of music in my entire life. A nigger and his junkie pals discover punk music and it's headline news? What a waste of fucking time. What a waste of spam. What a waste of energy.

Are any of you proud of this faggotry? Are any of you better off for it? Do you really deem this music as worthy of any sort of acclaim? Are you all really 16?

What happened /mu/? What happened to all the things you stood for? Why am I raging in a shit thread asking for ONE SIMPLE FUCKING ANSWER and off all idiot spamming, posting-without-reading-the-thread anons and unfunny, unintelligent, nonsensical, waste of space and burden on society trips not ONE of you idiots could meet a demand? Not one can explain your actions?

Is /mu/ just a farm of chickens looking up to the sky with their mouths open drowning in filthy rainwater piss because everyone else is doing it?

memerap is silly, lol-so-randumb rap. Suburban black kids that are whiter than Eminem or some scrawny cracker using rapping, samples and all that in order to talk about chocolate, comic book superheroes and how dangerous and crazy they are because they can eat cockroaches. 

memerap is to classic rap what pop-punk was to the actual punk. The original members were not necessarily musically impressive, but they had an unique raw energy and they represented a movement more than a style of music. Meanwhile meme-rap (and post-punk as well) are just the kind of genres your typical teenager listens in order to fill his diversity quota. 

Good examples? Late Outkast, Lil B, Odd Future, Eminem as the "Slim Shady" persona, MF Doom, Clams Casino, arguably even Kanye West.

Ironic rap is a genre pioneered by the likes of Why?, El-P and MF DOOM, that emerged in the early 2000s but has not become mainstream until the late 00s.

Meme rap is a form of ironic rap and is a sub-genre of hip hop music, characterized by ironic and joke lyrics, unconvetional beats, weird and ironic sampling (see: SGP), and funny catchphrases. MF DOOM is often considered the godfather of meme rap with his often called "forever alone" style of rapping. Others argue that Lil B is the one who "officially" started meme rap. In the dawn of 2010 meme rap was seeing radio play and mainstream attention with many meme rappers influenced by MF DOOM and Lil B. Death Grips, a fellow meme rap outfit well known for their "we are legion" lyrics were considered the best band of 2012.

Basically, if one of the artists got BNM, is white, is surrounded by tumblr imagery, uses a voice deepener (whatever you call it), makes carefree music (Lil B, Chance, Das Racist) and parodies other rap music (Lil Ugly Mane, Yung Lean) it's meme rap. It's just all those artists which are very different in an ironic way, use the internet a lot, don't take their music seriously or they do but are enjoyed ironically.

A lot of meme rap is hip hop that's intended to be serious but is listened to ironically. Ironic rap is similar, but never is intended to be taken seriously. The intention of the artist is very important here.

Take for example Lil Ugly Mane, he is ironically rapping about things he doesn't understand and acts like a black person on his mixtapes.

“Hipster” is a term co-opted for use as a meaningless pejorative in order to vaguely call someone else’s authenticity into question and, by extension, claim authenticity for yourself.

It serves no conversational function and imparts no information, save for indicating the opinions and preferences of the speaker.

Meanwhile, a market myth has sprung up around the term, as well as a cultural bogeyman consisting of elusive white 20-somethings who wear certain clothes (but no one will agree on what), listen to certain music (no one can agree on this either), and act a certain way (you’ve probably sensed the pattern on your own).

You can’t define what “that kind of behavior or fashion or lifestyle” actually is, nor will you ever be able to. That’s because you don’t use “hipster” to describe an actual group of people, but to describe a fictional stereotype that is an outlet for literally anything that annoys you.

The twist, of course, is that if it weren’t for your own insecurities, nothing that a “hipster” could do or wear would ever affect you emotionally. But you are insecure about your own authenticity - “Do I wear what I wear because I want to? Do I listen to my music because I truly like it? I’m certainly not like those filthy hipsters!” - so you project those feelings.

Suffice it to say, no one self-identifies as a hipster; the term is always applied to an Other, to separate the authentic Us from the inauthentic, “ironic” Them.

tl;dr: if you believe hipsters exist, you are a plebeian.

The fact that no one can even try to recommend me anything just shows the sad state that /mu/ is currently in. If this were a good community well versed in music then I would have a lot of recommendations of music I would want to listen to and is worth my time. Unfortunately there aren't enough people who are knowledgeable about music on /mu/. The problem is that within this circle of people who occupy /mu/ there is a limited knowledge of music outside of what is recommended on rateyourmusic, bandcamp, last fm, and /mu/ essentials. Some of the people here whom music is actually a hobby for likely take the time to explore all of the resources for discovering music, while others turn to shit sources like p4k and fantano. While I have found some good music in this place, I haven't really found enough gems, pieces of art that are so unique and special that no one knows about that I would be proud to have in my library. It saddens me that this is the current state of /mu/ but music is my passion and I know of no other boards besides /mu/ that have enough traffic and quick replies so that I can post here all day and discuss music and post my chart and hope that some day I will get a good recommendations so that I can enjoy my life. All I want is to enjoy my life, and they way I can enjoy my life is if others give me music recommendations.

I have decided to leave. In 2014 I will not visit 4chan at all. I only discovered 4chan this year back in April or May. Anyway you slice it this website is a waste of time. The only good thing is occasionally finding something you wouldn't have in a sharethread. Before coming here I discovered music through Wikipedia. I liked it better when I was oblivious to the ridiculous terms and buzzwords the culture of this board teaches you. Now words like 'meme rock,' 'meme rap,' 'dad rock,' and other silly demeaning labels are associated with music I enjoy. It does not change how I feel about the music I enjoy, but it creates and ugly labels I wasn't aware even existed before. Other words like 'implying' are more sinister and I see them infecting the way I think. Have you ever thought to yourself 'implying' when someone says something in face to face dialogue? I have and I've been repulsed by it. To me it feels like 'New Speak' in the novel 1984 where the language is changed to alter how people think. There is so much idiocy and negativity here on 4chan, I think your are a fool to believe visiting here frequently won't change the way you think. Further more, the site trains you to read shallow tidbits of information, jumping around from post to post. This habit of easy reading makes regular deep reading such a bother for people that a post this length usually gets met with the meme 'to long, did not read.' Furthermore, the use of memes dilutes the quality of communication of 4chan so that everyone learns to express themselves using the same images and words (Costanza, fedora, feels, frog guy picture, etc). Where the internet can be a bastion for diversity and specialization, on a board like this I believe the end effect is the generation of a more homogeneous creative culture. You are better off searching for genre specific music blogs to find new artists. There you can find an album presented with a single person's opinion written by someone who was passionate enough to create a blog about the music they enjoy. They you leave with the opportunity to better form your own opinion without even knowing what the 'consensus' of a larger group is about the album. You won't be needlessly subjected to the arbitrary judgement of that larger group, based on what you think about that album. 

The only thing 4chan offers that you that other sites don't, is it's anonymous social interaction. It is this social interaction that makes 4chan addictive for some. Of course because of the anonymity, even behind a screen-name, the quality of the social interaction on 4chan is of the lowest caliber. Most people wouldn't spend hours everyday on Chatroullete listening to dicks and assholes, but plenty of people will happily go do the same thing on 4chan. How much time have you wasted arguing with a complete stranger on 4chan? Think about how futile that is. 99 percent of the time there's no reason to post anything on 4chan. When you do, you settle for the absolute cheapest, lowest quality, form of entertainment there is, a tiny step up from watching porn. The price you pay for this paltry amusement is minutes of your one and only life. When you could be doing so many better things, that price is astronomical.

I guess when I'm gone this will just become another joke, but I hope at least someone reads it and decides to change their life and get off 4chan. 

In 2014, I will not visit 4chan, and you can too.

Anyone who cares about music enough to find a board it is usually going to be male. Therefore, seeing a male penis as an album cover is not something you would expect or like to see (unless you are attracted to males). This means the band is saying fuck what you want to see we are doing what we like and making hard hitting, weird, abrasive music like or cover, In sky's case she is a certified run of the mill pop singer. No matter which way you look at it sex cells. People want to see a woman's breast and she obviously knows that. That cover is in no way new or exciting its just her attempt at luring in a few lonely neckbeards that want to see a boob. She is being a slut and is also known to be one. So dont be surprised when people thing dg's cover is cooler than hers.

Can we change the boards name to /meme/?

Just look at the catalog. Most posts are nothing but memes or trolls. Just because the 'fat guy with a fedora' pic you posted was accompanied with "I only listen to _____" doesn't mean it should be on a music board. It should be somewhere like /b/ or Reddit. 

Just because ______ is in a band doesn't mean posting a troll about how you want to fuck them should be on a music board. It should be somewhere like /b/ or Reddit.

No, these pleb vs. patrician arguments are not funny and are the most widespread meme on here. They do nothing but turn the 'discussion' into a dick waving contest where people try and out-patrician others, pretending like they're only joking(but you know deep down they really feel like they are above others).

Just because the picture of yourself that you posted is accompanied with "guess what music I listen to" doesn't mean it should be on a music board. It should be in a place like /soc/ or Reddit.

Nobody gives a shit about seeing what records/CDs/merch/etc. you recently bought. If you post them, at the very least describe the artists and post a fucking link.

The list goes on.

This place absolutely should not be called a music board, yet there it is.

The majority of users here are a bunch of angsty high schoolers with inferiority complexes who try to get a feeling of superior by proxy through the obscurity of the artists they listen to and the size of their music library.

Nobody cares. Shut the fuck up about yourself for once and discuss music without turning it into a fucking competition. Grow the fuck up.

The entire genre of rap is a meme, all rap is memerap, as it's objectively inferior/cheaper music. It's our degenerate plebeian /mu/ that has tried to make us believe rap is an "essential" genre and that if you don't like it you must be "narrow-minded", a "redditor" who is "born in le wrong generation" and there's probably some racial element to it too. Rap music has no staying power. All of rap is just a neo-rockist sub-genre of top-40 pop, with a "urban" paint job. This music doesn't stand the test of time, it's a fad. That's why rappers are discussed about like fashion. Image/fashion/numbers sold are actually considered when talking about them. Rap is just a really cheap/lazy form of music anyways. The majority of rap beats are just stealing (MUHH "SAMPLING") another artist's music, looping it over a generic drumbeat while someone "raps" over it. The "technical aspects" of rapping are not hard at all. That's why there's 14 year old white girls on YouTube uploading themselves flowing with ease and speed, dropping multis like it's nothing. But because they don't fit the image of a "rapper", no one would take seriously. I've listened to it all from backpacker shit like cLOUDDEAD and Atmosphere to the "golden days" of Public Enemy and Eric B. and Rakim to instrumental stuff like J Dilla and DJ Shadow to the 90s with Nas and Mobb Deep to the CLT approved A Tribe Called Quest and Digital Planets to today like Kendrick and Kanye. All rap is meme rap. All of it. Stop spamming it. Either keep it contained into one threads or request a containment board. I'm sick of coming on /mu/ and seeing a million Kanye threads (none of which are about music btw).

I'm 21 and studying music at a university. This semester alone I will be performing in 4 operas, 3 orchestral concerts, and a wind ensemble concert among numerous recitals I'm playing for (one of which is today). I'm writing a paper for my music history class on {insert band name} and my music history professor is absolutely in love with them now. Tell me again how underage, edgy, and autistic we are.


le kek so kek dae le thanks lori? xD ftw le really really like this image xP

why cant scruffy marry le 12 year old xDxDxD tfw no gf :P DAE LITERALLY WHO?

I LOVE YOU JESUS CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIST jam of a lifetime haha nice mememusic pleb i tip my fedora to you, fine gentlemen le real men dont listen to le dadrock xD fuck reddit!!!!! dae vaporwave lel epic!!!!!! ;p 300 LIKE THE ROMANS!! xDDDDDD, sent ;)! xD, JENNY DEATH WHEN?!?!??!, le epic tripfriend! whos your waifu?

le epic MAC DEMARCO GOOFBALL!!!! le epic patrician here, ama :D, death grips is ICP? keke ebin... HES POINTING AT US :D XDDDDD, best new post, lelele so much kek FLAC FTW vinyl!!!!!11 dae le weebteam? ;D le k-on ftw! epic memes, us /mu/tants huh!? ]:) tips fedora, whats essential fedoracore? LE BACK TO /POL/ MEME wow memez? FLEX UR MUSCLES! 8D :)))))))

THE FACT THAT SO MANY BOOKS......... le meme grips (im a memer) dae le fantano!!! MELON :dd dae feels? le sad frog faec. ALL RAP IS MEMERAP, REPORTED FOR VIRAL MARKETING dae le Antz!? PRO-TIP: YOU CAN'T XDddddd!!!111 haha le Beatles are underrated dae le CLT le dubs goy! le hehehehehehe..... pitchfork general @:=] 8.7 xd

le why dont you kids like the tool? is this a le new meme!?!?! screen capped for that sweet memeing xD. inside is yellow :) WHEN I WAS!!!!!1 i used to be a pleb now im le p4k patrician : THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST top kek, toppest of keks, le inside is yellow? hahahaha le 3x3 thread. fucking epic ass meme i love that fucking meme so much man wait let me just plays trout mask replica : rips a bong AHHHHHHHH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dae trap influenced beats and FARTY SYNTHS yo man 311 - Down is in town 3 1 1 - D O W N breaks glass EEEEEEEEEEEbin simply E B I N, literally eb: the in xD haha TIME MACHINE MODULUS, hey this isn't cringe it's actually quite good xDD

that sure hit the spot ok now repeat that fucking epic ass M E M E haha us /mu/tants amirite :^)

Sometimes I don't know if my opinions are my own or ones derived from the meta. For example, I used to post about Minah alot, but people kept saying mean things so I stopped posting her. Now I don't like her as much. It would be simple to say the meta affected me, yet may it not also be the other way around? By posting Minah so much I created the anti-Minah meta at the time. I think now that the effect of myself pales in comparison to my effect on the meta. Since that time I have been fascinated with memes, meta and psychology..I have been working tirelessly to affect the meta in such a way to have my own opinions more represented. The only thing I worry about, still, is that my opinions are themselves the product of meta.

Hi there!

You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making!

Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!

This album is an outsider/freak pop masterpiece. It incorporates elements of harsh noise, gypsy folk, musique concréte, post-rock... the list goes on :^) whilst remaining uniquely psychedelic in nature without ever becoming cliche in doing so (60s pop/rock revival and Lame Impala tier stuff etc). It was also entirely produced and performed by one absolute madman. Why haven't you listened to AOTY and the Pet Sounds of independent bedroom music yet?

First thing I do when I wake up is listen to TMR. Then I have breakfast, soybeans of course. After I eat I have my shower where I listen to Trout Mask Replica again. As a cleanser, I like to go for a run where I typically listen to a lighter album like Safe As Milk or even Bongo Fury. When I get back it's lunch time and I'll listen to Trout Mask Replica while I mash my soybeans. While I eat I like to enjoy a nice documentary, specifically one about Captain Beefheart. Following that extended screen time I like to keep my mind sharp with some reading. So I'll read and interpret the lyrics to Trout Mask Replica, of course I have the album playing in the background so I'm 100% focused.

By now my day is going pretty good and I usually want to share it with somebody else. So I'll call up some friends to hang out. We like to play basketball, play tabletop RPGS and watch movies together but mostly we listen to Trout Mask Replica. After we all listen to the album together in our listening circle we head back to my place for dinner where I serve up a mean soybean. Just for the sake of ambiance, I'll play Trout Mask Replica in the background. Dinner conversation tends to be lively as we each share our favorite moments from Trout Mask Replica.

My friends go home after this and while it was fun, it's time to prepare for another big day tomorrow. I'm only human so pardon me if this is graphic but I do enjoy a bit of masturbation before I sleep. I'm not really adventurous, I masturbate to vanilla, lesbian sex and oral but mostly just the cover art of Trout Mask Replica. Following that I clean myself up and unwind with a bit of music; Trout Mask Replica being my favorite. That's when I hop into the shower for a brief and relaxing warmth, I'm pretty clean by now I just want to ease up my muscles. Then it's time for bed. Being something of an audiophile I like to listen to music while I sleep. After I hit play to start up the song "Frownland" I drift to sleep.

Ha ha ha. Very funny, /mu/. You thought you could pull a fast one on me by trying to pass this shit off as good. 

For years, I saw the cover of this album and thought it was just shitty MS Paint artwork. Then I found out it was the cover of a fancy pants "VAPORWAAAAAAVE" album. That it's supposedly the music OF TOMORROW!!! Then I actually listened to it. You know what? This piece of doo doo is an opera of horror. I've never heard something more offensive. I've NEVER seen any album that's so blatantly shitty that hipsters will listen to it ironically just to pretend it's good and 2deep4u since Neutral Milk Hotel.

This is worse than ANYTHING you hipsters like. You really set the bar with this one. Arctic Monkeys is passable compared to this. Hell, I'd listen to Animal Collective before I'd let this shit even near my ears again. 

You guys need to get your shit together.

God fucking dammit, I went about a month without seeing this meme and assumed it was finally fucking over, but I guess not. You just HAD to post it once again, didn't you? You felt SO fucking inclined to bring this cancerous piece of shit back to the face of this board, like it was your God given duty or some shit. This meme isn't even funny, m8, like seriously. It's fucking annoying, just like you. Every time I see this shit, I want to strangle the guy responsible for posting it, and that guy just happens to be you. So congratulations, you are officially a fag. I swear to God if I ever see this meme again I'm gonna bang my head against a wall. It's the most assinine thing on the planet, it's not entertaining, it's not funny, it doesn't even make any fucking sense. It's just a waste of space. This post could've gone to something that could actually have contributed to the planet, or even just this board, but no. Instead, it has to go to this fucking meme.

Please, just go outside or something. Find something better to do with your life than posting shitty memes that aren't even funny on a fucking image board for Chinese cartoons. Your mum's getting tired of you living in her basement.

Fucking idiot


Every FUCKING day with these STUPID fucking MEMES! I've had it up to HERE with stupid fucking memes! You guys make me want to KILL MYSELF! Is that what you fucking want? For me to fucking KILL MYSELF and write on my suicide note "Cause of suicide: Couldn't handle all of the stupid fucking memes, killed myself"? Because that's what it might as well fucking say!

You guys are literally, L I T E R A L L Y incapable of having even the SIMPLEST of fucking discussion without "MEME THIS, MEME THAT, PROBABLY TYLO BE CHILLIN, HERE'S A PIC OF HUMBLE CANNONS BY AARON ELLIS, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA EBIN AMIRITE?" Fucking STOP IT you pathetic fucking FAGGOTS, you are such fucking cancer that I cannot even fathom how you fucking scumbags live your dumb gay lives. Don't you have a job to get to, schoolwork to finish or a family to attend to? Do you literally do ANYTHING productive with your lives other than post stupid fucking memes on the music section of a god damn anime imageboard? You fucking people make me sick and you're damn lucky I don't have any of your fucking addresses you fucking pieces of shits. I'd spit in your faces.

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