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Feels is Animal Collective's sixth album, released on October 18, 2005. It features the return of Deakin and Geologist to the band after a short absence in Sung Tongs. This was praised as their most accessible album up to that point, and was well received by fans and critics. It has an electric guitar-driven sound that many noted sounded much more like the work of a typical band. 

An EP featuring outtakes from the album was released the next year, titled People.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Track ListingEdit

  1. Did You See the Words - 5:15
  2. Grass - 2:59
  3. Flesh Canoe - 3:44
  4. The Purple Bottle - 6:48
  5. Bees - 5:38
  6. Banshee Beat - 8:22
  7. Daffy Duck - 7:34
  8. Loch Raven - 4:59
  9. Turn Into Something - 6:29

Animal Collective Releases

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