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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

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Improved cover

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven is the second LP released by Post-Rock band Godspeed You! Black Emperor. The entire album is composed of internal movements and is noted for its strict instrumental focus, the only exceptions being sampling and Moya singing a depressing hick song.

The album is one of the most famous of its genre and serves as an influence for other strictly instrumental acts such as Explosions in the Sky. It is also recognized as /mu/core on more than half of the existing charts, as well as the rest of Godspeed's discography frequently being discussed on the board.

The cover depicts two weird hands. With a cat added, the hands appear to be stroking it. The cat is dead

Critical ReceptionEdit

  • Allmusic - 4.5/5

Track ListingEdit

Standard listingEdit

  1. Storm - 22:32
  2. Static - 22:35
  3. Sleep - 23:17
  4. Antennas to Heaven - 18:57


1. Storm

  1. Lift Yr. Skinny Fists, Like Antennas to Heaven... - 6:15
  2. Gathering Storm/Il Pleut à Mourir [+Clatters Like Worry] - 11:10
  3. 'Welcome to Barco AM/PM...' [L.A.X.; 5/14/00] - 1:14
  4. Cancer Towers on Holy Road Hi-Way - 3:52

2. Static

  1. Terrible Canyons of Static - 3:33
  2. Atomic Clock - 1:09
  3. Chart #3 - 2:39
  4. World Police and Friendly Fire - 9:48
  5. [...+The Buildings They Are Sleeping Now] - 5:25

3. Sleep

  1. Murray Ostril: '...They Don't Sleep Anymore on the Beach...' - 1:09
  2. Monheim - 12:14
  3. Broken Windows, Locks of Love Pt. III. - 9:53

4. Antennas to Heaven

  1. Moya Sings 'Baby-O'... - 1:00
  2. Edgyswingsetacid - 0:57
  3. [Glockenspiel Duet Recorded on a Campsite In Rhinebeck, N.Y.] - 0:46
  4. 'Attention...Mon Ami...Fa-Lala-Lala-La-La...' [55-St. Laurent] - 1:18
  5. She Dreamt She Was a Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone in an Empty Field - 9:43
  6. Deathkamp Drone - 3:09
  7. [Antennas to Heaven...] - 2:04

There are 19 movements in total. The complete length of the album is 1:27:21.

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