Loveless is My Bloody Valentine's second record. It was released on 4 November 1991. The album was critically praised and has had a lasting impact on both shoegaze and alternative music as a whole. 

During the recording of Loveless, Kevin Shields reportedly spent over £250,000 and nearly bankrupted the independent record label Creation Records, also home to Jesus and Mary Chain, Slowdive and Primal Scream, among others. Most of this money went into purchasing high-end Dyson vacuum cleaners.

/mu/ CoverEdit

In 2013, a group of /mu/sicians covered the entirety of Loveless. In true My Bloody Valentine spirit, the process was met with many delays and complications, ultimately taking nearly two months to complete, which is like years in internet time. The cover turned out to be spotty at best, agonizing at worst, but it gets credit for the effort. 

You can listen to the finished product and also download it for free here

Critical ReceptionEdit

Track ListingEdit

  1. Only Shallow - 4:17
  2. Loomer - 2:38
  3. Touched - 0:56
  4. To Here Knows When - 5:31
  5. When You Sleep - 4:11
  6. I Only Said - 5:34
  7. Come in Alone - 3:58
  8. Sometimes - 5:19
  9. Blown a Wish - 3:36
  10. What You Want - 5:33
  11. Soon - 6:58

My Bloody Valentine Releases

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