m b v is My Bloody Valentine's most recent record. It was released on December 2012 January 2013 February 3rd, 2013. It's release was marked by a string of unexplained delays and broken promises to fans. However, the album finally came out in 2013, and there were so many people trying to buy the album that it crashed their website, forever proving that My Bloody Valentine hasn't updated their webmaster since Loveless.

Why it's better than LovelessEdit

We're still waiting on p4k to decide for us. p4k has spoken! 9.1 #panned

Track ListingEdit

  1. She Found Now - 5:06
  2. Only Tomorrow - 6:22
  3. Who Sees You - 6:12
  4. Is This and Yes - 5:07
  5. If I Am - 3:54
  6. New You - 4:59
  7. In Another Way - 5:31
  8. Nothing Is - 3:34
  9. Wonder 2 - 5:52

My Bloody Valentine Releases

<<< Loveless (1991) | M b v

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