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Silent Shout

Silent Shout is the third album by Swedish electronic duo The Knife .  This album foregoes the bright, synthpoppy sound of their self titled debut and Deep Cuts , and instead focuses on dark ambience and themes usually found on Burial albums.  It is essential listening if you like electronic music AT ALL, and you should totally buy it.

Critical ReceptionEdit

Pitchfork - 8.6 BNM (Later voted best album of 2006)

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Silent Shout" - 4:53
  1. "Neverland" - 3:38
  1. "The Captain" - 6:08
  1. "We Share Our Mothers' Health" - 4:11
  1. "Na Na Na" - 2:27
  1. "Marble House" - 5:18
  1. "Like a Pen" - 6:13
  1. "From Off to On" - 3:58
  1. "Forest Families" - 4:08
  1. "One Hit" - 4:27
  1. "Still Light" - 3:15

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