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St. Vincent is the stage name of notable /mu/ qt Annie Clark. She has a nice body of work. She has pretty good face


St. Vincent on DiscogsEdit


  • Marry Me (2007)
  • Actor (2009)
  • Strange mercy (2011)
  • Love This Giant (2012, With David Byrne)
  • St. Vincent (2014)

Singles & EPs

  • Paris Is Burning (2006)
  • Now, Now / All My Stars Aligned (2007)
  • Jesus Saves I Spend ● These Days (2007)
  • Actor Out Of Work / Bicycle (2009)
  • Krokodil (2012)
  • Brass Tactics (2013, With David Byrne)
  • Digital Witness (2014)
  • Birth in Reverse (2014)


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