The Knife-Colouring of Pigeons (All 11 Minutes)11:04

The Knife-Colouring of Pigeons (All 11 Minutes)

"Colouring of Pigeons" from "Tomorrow, in a Year" (2010)


The Knife was a Swedish electronic act from Sweden, formed in 1999. The group consists of siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer. They disbanded in 2014. Don't like their music? You should probably check your privilege.

Discography Edit



  • The Knife (2004
  • Gender Bender (2004)
  • Radio EP (2006)

Other projectsEdit

Karin Dreijer also makes music under the name Fever Ray, and released a critically acclaimed self titled album in 2009.

Olof Dreijer has been known to DJ under the name DJ Coolof. He also releases music under the name Oni Ayhun.


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