Cover for Umskiptar

Umskiptar is Burzum's ninth studio album.  Released in 2012, this is Burzum's latest full length album. Varg described this as a concept album with "Umskiptar" meaning "Metamorphoses" which is a deeply rooted European (i.e. Pagan) Stoic concept of changes. As quoted from the official Burzum website, Vikernes stated that "This concept was chosen in a world heading for a new Ice Age, and can therefore also be seen as critique of all the popular political movements of our age of lies"[1].

Track ListEdit

  1. Blóðstokkinn - 1:16
  2. Jóln - 5:51
  3. Alfadanz - 9:22
  4. Hit Helga Tré - 6:51
  5. Æra - 3:58
  6. Heiðr - 3:02
  7. Valgaldr - 8:03
  8. Galgviðr - 7:16
  9. Surtr Sunnan - 4:14
  10. Gullaldr - 10:20
  11. Níðhöggr - 5:00

Burzum Releases

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