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Ween was an American experimental pop/rock band formed by the two key members Gene Ween (Aaron Freeman) and Dean Ween (Mickey Melchiondo Jr.) when they met in a high school typing class. The band's early music is well known for its drug-fueled and obnoxious nature, however this sound evolved drastically over Ween's lifetime into a softer rock sound (nonetheless still experimental at times). After suffering a breakdown and going through rehab, Freeman announced that he was quitting Ween, effectively ending the band.

Discography Edit

LPs Edit

  • GodWeenSatan: The Oneness (Twin/Tone, 1990)
  • The Pod (Shimmy Disc, 1991)
  • Pure Guava (Elektra, 1992)
  • Chocolate and Cheese (Elektra, 1994)
  • 12 Country Greats (Elektra, 1996)
  • The Mollusk (Elektra, 1997)
  • Craters of the Sac (Online only mp3, 1999)
  • White Pepper (Elektra, 2000)
  • Quebec (Sanctuary, 2003)
  • Shinola Vol. 1 (Chocodog, 2005)
  • La Cucaracha (Rounder Records, 2007)


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