Xiu Xiu (Jamie Stewart & Angela Seo)

Xiu Xiu is an experimental art rock band, led by frontman Jamie Stewart. Since its creation in 2002, the band has little semblance of a stable line-up, however Stewart will often have returing collaboraters on studio releases. The only official member since late-2009 apart from Stewart has been Angela Seo, replacing previous bandmate Caralee McElroy. Piero Scaruffi listed Stewart as the Best Male Vocalist of 2002[1], and Xiu Xiu as the Best Band of 2003[2].


  • 2002 - Knife Play
  • 2003 - A Promise
  • 2003 - Fag Patrol
  • 2004 - Fabulous Muscles
  • 2005 - Life and Live (Live Album, includes almost all of the tracks from Fag Patrol scattered through the tracklist.)
  • 2005 - La Forêt
  • 2006 - The Air Force
  • 2008 - Women as Lovers
  • 2010 - Dear God, I Hate Myself
  • 2012 - Always
  • 2013 - Nina
  • 2014 - Angel Guts: Red Classroom
  • 2016 - Xiu XIu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks



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